What's the fuss about soaking?

What's the fuss about soaking?

The Strucket is the lovechild of a strainer and a bucket. This strainer-bucket mash up is the perfect answer for those with sensitive skin, or simply those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Developed by Kelly Lavery, a mum of three (so you can imagine the stresses and messes that she’d be familiar with!), the Strucket’s main purpose is to make your life easier.

It’s the essential tool for all your soaking, cleaning and lifestyle needs.

Soaking is one of the most common ways to deep clean garments, tools, utensils, toys, and just about anything else around the house. It gets stains out, it removes bacteria, and makes everything seem brand new. The Strucket’s interlocking connection makes soaking and straining easier, too! However, if you’re new to cleaning (no judgement!), you may be wondering what’s the fuss about soaking

When it comes to cleaning dirty clothes, soaking can be very helpful in making sure all the dirt is properly removed.

Pre-soaking heavily soiled garments (like your baby’s vomit covered shirt, or your favourite hoodie with that pasta stain on it) can make sure that the stains come loose and are easily removed in the wash.

Similarly, soaking your towels, sheets and other household cloths is the perfect way to clean your laundry. This is a deep cleaning method that is perfect to thoroughly sanitise your towels, sheets, and workout clothes. No matter how often you may wash these items, there can still be an accumulation of body oils, bacteria, and dirt stuck in the grains of the fabric. Deep cleaning your items by letting them soak for several hours (with the proper products) before you wash and dry them can make them feel and smell much cleaner.

When soaking fabrics, however, it’s important to be sure to not overdo it! If you leave your garments laying in water for an extended period of time, you run the risk of damaging the fabric. They may lose their colour, shrink, or start smelling foul.

Soaking can also be a useful way of cleaning your kitchen tools.

It’s easy to forget about deep cleaning your kitchen utensils. After all, you’ve already washed them, what more do you need to do? Just like your towels, sheets and clothes, it’s important to occasionally deep clean your utensils; bacteria and other nasties can easily build up within their grooves too. You don’t want nasty bacteria going into your food!

There are a lot of reasons to be fussed about soaking!

With the Strucket, soaking is made easy. This strainer-bucket gadget fulfills all your needs – without you having to touch any dirty water. Its interlocking connection makes straining your soaked clothes a breeze too. Support an Australian-made product with infinite uses and get your hands on your very own Strucket today.