Strike luck with the Strucket

Strike luck with the Strucket

Strucket started when Queensland mum Kelly Lavery found herself dreading the chore of soaking things like nappies, bibs or clothes in a bucket, the usual method for most people.

She thought there MUST be a better way to do this, rather than letting chemicals fester in a bucket and getting gross, grimy water on your skin!

So then came the game changer that is the Strucket. Once a brilliant idea, now a household necessity, the Strucket allows you to soak anything from stained clothes to fruit and veg without the hassle of mess or contamination on your skin.

It’s not only easier than using an old-school bucket, but it’s great for sensitive skin, as you’re saved from touching unhygienic, chemical-filled water with its handy strainer and external plug system!

The Strucket is a laundry staple everyone needs, and it’s even designed to perfectly fit into most laundry sinks. Compact and stylish, you can use the Strucket in the laundry in so many ways! Whether you’re washing delicates or soaking stains out of your baby’s bib, the Strucket offers itself as an easy solution. All you have to do is fill up the Strucket with water and your preferred soaking solution, and then insert your soiled items. When you’re ready to remove your items, all you need to do is clip and connect the strainer to the base of the Strucket - which can hold up to 16kgs! Draining the dirty water is also a breeze, with a plug at the bottom of the tub that drains water straight into your sink! There you have it, no mess, no fuss, and perfect if you have sensitive skin!

The Strucket isn’t just great for the laundry, though.

You can also use the Strucket in the kitchen. Most of us rinse fruit and veg under the running tap, however this doesn’t effectively rid our food of pesticides or dirt residue. The Strucket can help you effectively rinse your fruit and veg, so you can stay rest assured it’s super clean and ready to eat. Even straining your pasta is made so much easier!

But wait… there’s more!

You can also use the Strucket to keep your plants hydrated by simply submerging them into the Strucket along with cool water and fertiliser. Or even say goodbye to the Esky and use a Strucket this summer to save from any dripping water! Use the Strucket to clean filth and grime from your everyday makeup brushes! People even use the Strucket as an easy, no-mess solution to cleaning dirt off their cars!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get on the Strucket bandwagon! The new, savvy bundle now includes the favourite 19L Strucket and its sidekick: the adorable Strucket Mini and you can buy it now and save $10!