Top 7 Cleaning Hacks for Sensitive Skin

Top 7 Cleaning Hacks for Sensitive Skin

In a bid to keep your house, clothes, and life generally fresh without the itch, here are our top tips for those of us with sensitive skin.

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For those of us who love a spotless, sparkling home there’s nothing better than spending time cleaning and sprucing up a tired room.

But with cleaning comes the issue of caring for your skin. Many people suffer from sensitive skin and harsh chemicals and abrasives can wreak havoc on your body’s biggest organ.

While eczema and psoriasis mean you should take extra precautions when cleaning, soaking or doing the dishes, simply having a reaction to the wrong type of cleaning chemicals can also cause an itchy, rashy nightmare for any humble house servant (aka parent).

In a bid to keep your house, clothes, and life generally fresh without the itch, here are our top tips for those of us with sensitive skin:

  1. Use virgin coconut oil to create soft, silky skin on your hands. If you find they have reddened or reacted to any cleaning aids, application of this oil can help soothe the pain and irritation quickly and restore the skin.

  2. Always wear rubber gloves, unless you’re allergic to latex. Protecting your hands from constantly being in hot water or touching toxic chemicals through the use of gloves is an easy no-fuss fix.

  3. Use a Strucket for soaking. Ideal for sensitive skin as there’s no need to put your hands in water, soaking and tipping it down the sink is done without a drop touching your hands using the innovative plug and strainer mechanism.

  4. Research and use natural, organic cleaning products. Some of our top choices include Hudstone Home & Green Addict.

  5. Consider the washing powder you use and if it is leaving any harsh chemicals or residue on your clothes. If you use a powder, perhaps a liquid would be better? Always check the ingredients in all of your soakers and detergents too. If your favourite item of clothing makes you feel itchy, it may be time to switch it up and try something new – like they say a change is as good as a holiday!

  6. Keep it simple! Vinegar is an amazing cleaner, for glass, mirrors, and floors, it’s also non-toxic, cuts through grease and doesn’t leave your house smelling like a fish shop. The smell dissipates quickly and there’s not a chemical in sight.

  7. Like your house to smell good, feel clean and fresh and be dirt and dust-free? Add eucalyptus oil to a damp cloth when dusting your home. It is a high-grade disinfectant with a thousand uses that are great for your home and health alike! Ideal for a floor mop and water, with no chemical nasties, and you’ll also bring a taste of the outdoors in.

There’s no need to upset the delicate balance of your skin’s natural beauty. Making a few careful choices when cleaning your home, keeps you safe, happy and allergy-free.

Happy itch-free Cleaning!