Why new mums are flocking to buy a Strucket

Why new mums are flocking to buy a Strucket

Being a new mum is not easy. There’s always a spill or mess to clean up, nappies to change and a little baby to tend to. On top of it all, it seems there’s barely any time to get things done.
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Here’s where the Strucket comes in: it may not help with the night crying, but it’ll sure help new mamas save washing time and a whole lotta mess!

Created by Queensland mum-of-three Kelly Lavery, the Strucket combines a bucket and a strainer so that soaking laundry is made so much easier. Not only does The Strucket save the mess of using the usual bucket, but it also saves new mums from putting their hands in filthy, unhygienic water, which also lowers the risk of contaminating your bub’s sensitive skin.

Strucket is all about helping new mums on their sustainable parenting journey, and know that switching to products like cloth nappies isn’t easy. That’s why the Strucket offers itself as the perfect dry-pail nappy solution, making washing hygienic and easy-breezy! It doesn’t just stop there, new mums can also use the Strucket to wash stubborn stains from bibs, reusable wipes and clothes. The Strucket is also a helpful cleaning aid for mum’s reusable pads and undies. While new mums help to save the planet, the Strucket is helping every messy step of the way.

There also might be one thing new mums dread more than stained nappies and clothes: dirty toys laying around everywhere. Bacteria and grime easily grow on toys, so to effectively clean them, simply wash and rinse in the Strucket. It can even make for a two-in-one toy storage and cleaning tub!

The best part about Strucket is that it’s the same simple process every time, no matter the use. Simply fill up the Strucket with water and soaking solution, and then insert the soiled items. When ready to remove your items, just clip and connect the strainer to the Strucket base, which can hold up to an impressive 16kgs. Draining the dirty water is also a breeze, with a plug at the bottom of the tub that drains water straight into the sink. And there’s no cramming and craning to fit the Strucket under the tap, as they’re all designed to perfectly fit in most laundry sinks.

Designed by a mother once going through the same cleaning mishaps and annoyances, new mums can trust Strucket to make that little, although much-needed, difference.

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