The top 8 ways to Strucket in Summer

The top 8 ways to Strucket in Summer

Summer in Australia can be described in many ways.

Hot blistering days filled with sandy shores and crashing waves, eating ice-creams as fast as you can before it melts all over your hands, twilight swims in the pool followed by snags on the BBQ, easy summer salads and outdoor dining.

At Strucket HQ we LOVE summer! The beach, camping, swimming, seafood & cold beers with friends by the pool are just a few of our favourite things. This summer was even better, because we realised just how versatile the Strucket is and how many ways it made our summer-days that little bit less stressful!

Here are our top 8 ways to “Strucket” in summer!

Soaking Swimmers

It has never been easier to get the sand out of your swimmers after a day visit to the beach, or soak the chlorine out of your cossie! Simply pop your favourite suit/s in the Strucket and leave them to soak for a few hours and then pop back, separate and leave to drain!

Cricket Whites

Summer in Australia means one thing (amongst others) – it is CRICKET time! And any mum (or wag) of a cricket loving person out there knows that when it comes to keeping the cricket whites, white, the struggle is real!

We love throwing our cricket whites in the Strucket and waliking away! You simply add your fave soaking solution and then leave them to do their thing! When you come back don’t worry about the struggle to get them from the sink/bucket to the washing machine – simply strain and drain the items and then easily (without water getting all over the floor or down your arms) transport it all to the washing machine and wash as normal.


Rinsing your togs, washing your camp plates after dinner, hand washing, rinsing the fruit and more. Taking your Strucket camping means having the small comforts of home with you no matter if you go bush side or sand side, it makes the whole adventure even more chilled.


The fishing enthusiast of the family will be in heaven!

Fishing with live bait is arguably the best way to catch fish! Pop your live bait in the Strucket and when it’s time to grab the bait for your hook, simply pull up the strainer and click it to the side - now your hands are free and you can bait your hook! Then you just detach the strainer from the side and let it slide back down so that your bait can swim again!

There’s no better feeling than reeling in your catch, whether it’s with the kids or on your own. But don’t gut and scale your fish at the eater's edge and risk losing it! With the Strucket you can let your catch stay fresh. Fill the Stucket with some sea or fresh water (depending on where you are fishing) and then scale and gut the catch in there! All the offcuts will be separated and your fish is clean...ready for your esky... and you can toss the burly into the ocean before you leave!

Keeping the drinks cold

Whether it’s a back-yard BBQ, camping, or the boys in the shed. If you want to keep your drinks cold and avoid the watery mess of an esky with melting ice? Just fill your bucket with ice, then pop your drinks in the strainer and when you are ready for a drink just separate and drain – no excess water running down your arm and a cold beverage to enjoy while you watch the kids play…


If you prefer a cocktail to a wine, it is ok, we have you covered too! The Strucket’s ingenious strainer function and outside plug mean fruity cocktails have never been simpler to create and enjoy. Simply mix all the ingredients together and then let the mixture ferment a while before trying. To taste you can simply turn on the outer plug and fill a glass! When you are done the strainer will simply lift out with the left-over fruit making it easy to discard. Make it in bulk with the Strucket 19L or Strucket 4.5L Mini. Or, if we're behaving... use the Strucket 1L Teenie!

Prawns and Seafood

Summer and Seafood go together like Sandy and Danny from the original Grease film. What doesn’t go together are your fingers and the lingering smell of the sea on them all day! Now you can soak, defrost and even marinate your fishy delights, strain and drain without staining your hands in prawn stench.

Little Bubs Pool!

Summer swims are an institution especially in Australia, but for newborn bubs and their slightly older friends, the reality is that water can be hazardous. However, with the Strucket you can fill the bucket with cool water and then pop bub in the strainer and let them play row, row, row your boat while the older kids are having fun in the sprinkler or diving into the big person's pool!