The Strucket Guide to a Mess-Free Holiday

The Strucket Guide to a Mess-Free Holiday

It’s the holidays, and for some that will mean Santa is coming, for others it may just mean the kids are home from school.

No matter what your flavour of holiday you are about to enjoy, any parent will agree that with increased home time comes increased mess… especially when you add in a visit from the cousins (& their parents), a trip to the beach and Dad’s DIY holiday projects!

This holiday season we want to give you back the gift of time, by reducing the mess (or as some say stress) from your daily grind. From soaking seafood to cleaning the craft brushes, the Strucket is the must-have do-not-touch-that-mess-keep-my-hands-clean tool for any parent who wants to say YES to all the summer fun without the fear of the cleanup!

Here are our favourite messes, that we no longer need to touch:

1. Sand-filled swimmers.

A sun and sand-filled beach visit is a must do in summer, however, taking the beach (liters of sand in your swimmers) home with you can be the fine line between mum enthusiastically leading the tribe to the water and pretending that a tornado is going to hit. Thankfully you can now soak and separate the sand from all everything else and keep your sanity! Nobody needs those tiny grains between their toes… especially not at home!

2. Prawns, Octopus & other Fishy things.

Summer and Seafood go together like Sandy and Danny from the original Grease film. What doesn’t go together are your fingers and the lingering smell of the sea on them all day! Now you can soak, defrost and even marinate your fishy delights, strain and drain without staining your hands in prawn stench.

3. Arts, Crafts & Painting utensils.

Kids at home need entertaining, and if a summer storm comes rolling in, they are gonna need some indoor play distractions. Painting, gluing and all the crafty things are loads of fun until it comes time to pack it away. Now you can soak all the craft utensils while getting the kids settled in front of a movie for nap time (rainy days can be exhausting)! Hello Strucket, Goodbye crunchy never-to-be-used-again paintbrushes. P.S This includes Dad’s DIY rollers too!

4. The pets and their things.

Fur Babies. They are just as cute as any newborn and just as messy too. Whether it is your Teacup Cavoodle having a bath or the Guinea Pigs bedding needing a good soak the Strucket is tough enough for any fur baby mess clean up.

5. Camping.

Camping is as Aussie as Lara Bingle on a beach, and the Strucket is your perfect companion. From handwashing clothes and swimmers to making the ideal camping sink for the dishes or even a good bait bucket! It is versatile, light and can store food for the trip up!

6. Bedding & towels for the in-laws to use.

Holidays mean family, family means mess, but not before we make the house look like a show home with perfect rooms and Freedom display-like beds with beautiful fresh bedding and a clean set of white towels. If you are running a little late on your spring clean, or just struggling to find a towel without a stain, you can breathe a little easier and just throw it all into the Strucket, soak it new and then separate and drain (no more Niagara Falls running down your arms and onto your floor) before popping it in the machine and on a quick cycle. Hello, Martha Stewart looking holiday house delight!

7. The Fruit & Veggies.

Back to the kitchen we go, because, you know, food is life…. Let’s start with the healthy strip & get to soaking the fruit & veggies (preferably in apple cider vinegar). Just soak your veggies, immerse your fruit and then lift and air dry – in just a few minutes will little effort you will have fresh, family-friendly food ready to consume!

8. Marinate the Meat.

Staying in the kitchen, we now move to the man food and get ready to marinate the meat. The Strucket lets you showcase your best Soy, Szechuan, Brisket blend (yes, we made that up, but it does sound yum!) and leave that hunk of meat stewing in the best juices you can concoct. Once ready simply strain the meat from its mix and then place in the oven to brown and bake.

9. The Beer & the Wine.

Leaving the best to last, we know that this is one mess you won’t mind getting your hands in. Want to keep your drinks cold and avoid the watery mess of an esky with melting ice? Just fill your bucket with ice, then pop your drinks in the strainer and when you are ready for a drink just separate and drain – no excess water running down your arm and a cold beverage to enjoy while you watch the kids play… Then smile to yourself… because today you succeeded in adulting and cleaning!

Amongst The Strucket Family, there is undoubtedly the perfect (and versatile) solution for you.