The Strucket Guide to Washing Your Bathers!

The Strucket Guide to Washing Your Bathers!

Icy poles, sunscreen, the beach, the list of summer essentials can go on and on and on......
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Icy poles, sunscreen, the beach, the list of summer essentials can go on and on and on. And as much as everyone loves the beach, one thing everyone hates is finding sand everywhere after a beach trip.

It can feel impossible to thoroughly rid your house of sand after a beach day (especially if you’ve got over-zealous children who sprint off into the house before you can stop them). However, with the Strucket 19L, cleaning up after a day out can be so much easier!

Of course, you could simply throw your bathers into the washing machine, but the directions for cleaning on most specify that hand washing is preferred. Plus, who wants their washing machine getting all sandy anyway?

The Strucket 19L is designed perfectly for tasks like this! It is built to neatly fit in your sink, and is simple to use. All you need is five simple steps: soak, agitate, strain, rinse and drain.

Soak – fill the Strucket with cool to room-temperature water and pop in your sandy clothes, bathers and your favourite mild detergent (ideally something gentle or specific for the material of your swimmers) and leave it alone! Walk away from your sandy clothes and let them soak for a moment.

Agitate – repeatedly pull the strainer up and down, agitating your clothes and detergent (and without having to get your hands sandy and soapy!). This will separate the sand that’s in every nook and cranny of the bathers.

Strain – lift the strainer from the bucket and lock it into place to separate your clothes from the dirty water. The Strucket’s innovative interlocking connection allows the strainer to conveniently connect and elevate itself above the Strucket’s base.

Rinse – Once the bathers have been strained, rinse them through with cool water, with the strainer still connected to the side of the Strucket base, to get all the mineral deposits, sand and residue detergent out of the synthetic fibres.

Drain – the best part of the Strucket? It lets you keep your hands clean through every stage of its use! Once you’re done, all you have to do is release the built-in plug on the base of the Strucket. This will drain all the sandy, soapy water, and you won’t have to touch it for a moment. Perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Next time you take your family out for a beach day, save yourself the stress of cleaning up and help yourself with the Strucket! If versatility is a must-have for you, this multi-functional tool is perfect. Add ease to beach day clean up and discover all the other things that you can do with the Strucket 19L Strainer Bucket.