New Year....New You!

New Year....New You!

No matter what your new year’s resolution is, there is a way for Strucket to help you achieve them! 

Happy New Year!

Many people love this time of the year - the sun’s out, the weather’s warm, everyone’s on a well-deserved break and it’s just all around a good time. With the new year comes a fresh start for many people, with – of course – a list of new year’s resolutions!

We know it can be difficult to stick to your resolutions, particularly for busy parents like yourself. But you can achieve your 2023 resolutions with a helping hand! Here are some ways that Strucket can help you achieve all your goals this year. 

Is one of your resolutions to drink more water?

Drinking water can be a difficult task for some people. As a mum, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself sometimes, when you’re so busy running after your little ones. Or maybe you’re just not a fan of the taste of water. An easy fix is to simply add some fruit to your water to add some flavour!

With the Strucket Teenie (or the Strucket Mini if you’re after a larger batch for the whole family), you can easily add your favourite combination of fruits with some water, so you have a convenient drink on hand at any time. And with the handy strainer in the Teenie, you’ll never have to worry about fruit bits floating around your glass! 

Or perhaps you’d like to spend more time outdoors?

With all the technology at our fingertips nowadays it can be easy to find ourselves forgetting to do the little things, like enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outdoors! If your new year's resolution includes spending more time outdoors, the Strucket 19L is perfect for you! The ways that you can use the Strucket outdoors are endless. It can:


  • Be used as an esky
  • Be taken camping (use it to wash your dishes, your fresh fruits, your bathers, and just about anything else....even a bait bucket!)
  • Be used as a cocktail jug for your next picnic
  • Act as a baby pool to keep your bub involved and safe as everyone else splashes around in the water
  • Clean your dirty grass and dirt-stained clothes after a messy day out

And of course, what’s on almost everyone’s list… resolving to stay clean and organised!

The uses of the Strucket are truly unlimited. It’s the helping hand you can take all around the house to make your life easier. If you're wanting to become more organised and take charge of deep cleaning the nastier things around the house, here’s how the Strucket 19L and Strucket Mini can help:


  • Use it to store your baby’s cloth nappies – it makes a perfect dry pail!
  • Soak and clean anything covered in vomit or poo
  • Use it to bring your whites back to vibrance with a deep soak
  • Use it to sanitise and disinfect your children’s toys
  • Use it for hand washing delicates, knits, or lingerie
  • Use it to soak and disinfect mop heads or any other cleaning materials


So, no matter what your new year’s resolution is, there is a way for Strucket to help you achieve them! Don’t lose sight of your goals this year – browse the Strucket range to find your perfect helper!