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Caroline B
Best Quality ❤️

Absolutely love our grey Strucket 19 litre and just bought the aqua lid. This is high quality Australian made gear. Highly recommended.

Spare Strainer

Love it

Amazing invention - so well thought about

Have had 19 litre since it was released on the market - ever so practical to use. Now have the rest of the 'family' and have already started using them. Great Australian products with so many uses. Thank you!

Strucket bundle

This is such a great product with so many different uses. So pleased with my purchase.


I absolutely love it, use it every day for soaking my guinea pigs kitchen/toilet area fleeces, makes life so much easier, love the plug at the bottom to let water out! Will be very handy when we go in our caravan too - very happy customer

I love the Strucket

I love the stricken, I have a large and a small. I find so many uses now for the small one. I use the large in my laundry, I have bad arthritis in my hands and the strucket helps me with my washing. wouldn't be without it.

This is great soaking bucket and fits many items.

Love my Strucket!

I use it for blocking/handwashing my crocheted and knitted garments. It is efficient, versatile and fits perfectly in my laundry. It is high quality and durable and has now permanently replaced my old bucket!

Strucket 19L Strainer Bucket
Love this

I've only had my Strucket for a few days and I love it. Gardening clothes always need a good soaking and this has simplified the process so thank you.I also love the design and quality of the product and that it's made in Australia.


The only problem would be I had to buy it separate front the bucket. but it fit's perfectly.

Highly recommend

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I purchased three in total one for myself, daughter and daughter in-law and they also love it! The quality is outstanding, very fast delivery and the team at Strucket are very helpful and keep you informed of your purchase. Don’t wait to get yours!!

Strucket gift card
Kellie Hutchinson
Love it

Absolutely love it all!! The mini for the kitchen is just brilliant and the ease of soaking stuff now makes the job a lot easier and not put on the back burner

Strainer bucket

This is wonderful, well made & strong. Love it

Soaking is fun

I love my new soaking bucket

Great products

Good quality construction and intelligent design, I love the smaller strucket for use in the kitchen and the larger for the laundry.


Fits perfectly in the trough.
Reduces water spills.
Great for soaking the whites.
Be a great gift for a new mum or older person who struggles with the added weight of water on clothes following soaking.


This is a handy little tool for the laundry. Our laundry is next to the kitchen and sometimes in summer, I noticed unpleasant odours from rinsed items waiting to be washed. Instead of just leaving underwear in the sink, I can put them neatly away and wash them all in one load. The Strucket is study and works just as advertised.

It’s a little tricky as it sits in the container so you hit the edge.

Easy to use

Very cute does what it’s supposed to do.

Kim McGraw

I want to thank Kelly the creator of the GREAT product. If you haven't bought 1 BUY 1. I am disabled and this product is PERFECT. It is great not to wait for the sink to fill up. Throw what I need to in and, fill up ( uses 1 third of the water and does the same job) I don't have to ring out the water from the garment just hook on the side and it wrings itself out and place in the washing machine. This is a great buy for anyone and, I am 100% satisfied. Thankyou Strucket. ❤️❤️❤️

Strucket 19L Strainer Bucket 
Denise O’Donnell
Strucket bucket

This bucket is very well made, I’m going to get a lot of use out of it as I have a lot of my husbands clothes that need soaking . Definitely recommend

Stricken strainer bucket

Very useful product.
Easy to use.
Easy to clean.

Love it!!!

I just love my strucket, I got the bundle. Havent been able to use the laundry tub just yet. I immediately started using the Teenie as soon as I got it out of the box, I love using the Mini to wash veggie's, fruit, etc. Great product, and an Aussie company to boot. I love it, ❤❤


Excellent solid buckets