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19 litre

Does everything as advertised. I didn't realise you had to tip the strainer part at an angle to drain it. Also it doesn't drain the water completely. There is still some residue at the end. Overall it does the job well.

Great invention

The struckets are a great invention, I feel even after only using them for a couple of weeks. The plastic is very strong and will replace all the cheap plastic buckets used before that break so easily.

The best purchase I have made! I love this product!


I give this a 3 out of 5 not because I don't like your products I am hoping you read this entry and possibly looking into adding to your inventory? I would love to see you produce a size of strucket that is larger than the Mini and smaller than the 19L. Why I say this because you assume that you will be able to add many items to the Mini than you can actually do. Maybe a new size in the New Year? Maybe a 10L might be a great size allowing more items to be able to soak than in the Mini???

Such a handy thing to have in your kitchen with so many uses! Being able to wash, drain, juice, pour and grate and then STORE with one product is fantastic! Love my Strucket Teenie!

Very handy

What a wonderful product this is so handy for lots of soaking, washing and anything else that I can think of to use it for. Absolutely love it.

Strucket Trio Bundle

I was so excited to receive my struckets, and after a week I decided I needed another set. I only wish I had these when my daughter was in cloth nappies.
I wasn't sure if I would use the teenie, but it has been great for washing berries then storing in fridge.

Lovely little product!

This grater is a robust attachment to compliment my Teenie and it works really well. nice and sharp, and easy to clean. I love it!

Strucket large and mini

Very functional and hygienic thank you

Best Kitchen Accessory

Definitely a must have item for any kitchen. Love that it is so versatile.

Work smarter not harder

Very happy with the 19L strucket and mini strucket. Wished they were invented 30yrs ago for soaking all those soiled cloth nappies, baby clothes and even smelly sports socks and clothes. I help the environment by pouring the used water in my garden.

Best bucket

Bought 2 large no lids for the laundry and one small with lid for kitchen for washing vegetables.

Best buckets love the Insert makes washing, soaking and moving to machine 100 times better than conventional bucket

Forget the bucket get a strucket!

What a brilliant invention the strucket is! Love it!!! If you haven’t got one yet , purchase one you won’t regret it! Super quick delivery to .

Best invention EVER

The biggest game changer for my hand washing & soaking regime! And super awesome it’s Australian made & owned

Really love my mini strucket so much so l purchased two more for family members. Keep up the good work love all your products

LOVE!! my strucket mini

I love the strucket mini that I purchased and have used it in the kitchen and the laundry already - love that it is going to be useful in so many ways.

Strucket 19L Lid
Carolyn Smith
Every Household Needs A Strucket! Absolutely Brilliant Product!

When I was a young Mum 30 years ago I had the typical big soaker bucket. It was large, cumbersome and heavy when it needed to be moved. I injured myself more than once, rolling my ankles when awkwardly moving it from the bathroom to the laundry. I also suffered from incredibly painful dermatitis from the chemicals used to soak the young ones clothing.
The strucket has to go down as one of the most useful inventions ever and, in my opinion, is a must in every household. It's so well thought out. It's a great size, made of strong, high quality materials, has handles to make moving it so much easier and with the straining basket and plug means no more dermatitis. And it's even better now it has a lid to keep little fingers out, and to allow them to be stacked if you have more than one. Absolutely brilliant! I have a young granddaughter now and her Mum doesn't have to worry about little hands playing in the bucket with all those chemicals and she doesn't have to worry about dermatitis herself. In fact she has two because she finds them so useful.
These days I don't need to have a regular soaking bucket for little people's clothes but I wouldn't be without mine. I use it for so many things. My favourite is for washing my fresh fruit and vegetables and I have a mini too for things like grape tomatoes and berries.
In fact I find mine so useful they are my go to gift for every new mother. So many have still yet to hear about this amazing product and I have yet to find one that hasn't appreciated it.

Cloth nappies made easy

I purchased the Strucket to help simplify my cloth nappy wash routine - an boy oh boy am I pleased! The Strucket serves as a dry pale between main washes, a vessel for hand washing and fits perfectly over my laundry sink! (An absolute fluke, as pointed out by my partner, none the less an excellent and well thought out product! The Strucket mini is also great for on the road and overnight stays - perfect for washing the days nappies and storing for the drive home.

Strucket bundle

I couldn't wait for my strucket. I unpacked it when it arrived and am using the 19lt for my soms uniform. It fits 2 shirts and 2 shorts. I soak it for 24 hours and the colour is dirrty brown. And I just us3d the tap to empty it.
Strucket mimi perfect for my daily liners. Looks so good in my bathroom. I like the fact it has a lid as a bucket is wide open and smelly. No smell with the mini as it has a lid.
Haven't used the 1lt yet but very happy with purchase. Definitely recommend

Strucket is My Best Helper Ever

The stricket is fantastic. I have been using buckets to soak & sloping water everywhere, now not a drop spilt. The medium size one I ca now soak my coffee & tea cups in Milton without the mess. The small one I wash grapes, strawberry& freshen up lettuce leaves.
I'm A Very Happy Strucket Owner.
Best Helper Ever.

Seriously love my strucket. I made a purchase 1 week ago and after receiving my order and using my mini, teenie and laundry soaker, I have already placed another order.


Perfect size for laundry tub - just love it! One tip don’t overload it!


I have brought a Strucket 19L Strainer Bucket and a Strucket 4.5L Mini Strainer Bucket. I absolutely love it so much and I’m glad I have found the website.


It's perfect.