Strucket Nappy Bucket

Is the thought of taking care of your cloth nappies overwhelming you? Don’t worry, look no further than the Strucket nappy bucket. 


This innovative Nappy Bucket is a game changer for parents with young children, providing a versatile tool that combines the functionality of a strainer and a bucket. The Strucket houses an interlocking connection which allows the strainer to connect and elevate above the bucket making it a brilliant dry pail or dirty nappy storage device.

Dry Pail Bucket for Nappies

You’ll love how the Strucket makes pre rinsing your baby’s diapers so much easier and cleaner. Just add your diapers, water and favourite solution, agitate a little, and then lift up the strainer, connect to separate and drain with the plug at the bottom without ever having to touch dirty water!

No more struggling to lift out heavy wet diapers or dealing with dirty water. The Strucket takes care of everything for you.

And it’s not just about convenience - the Strucket also ensures that your baby’s diapers get properly stored and cleaned. With its chemical-resistant material and ability to withstand any temperature, you can use whatever soaking solution you prefer.

Plus, the strainer container allows you to easily agitate and mix up the solution for maximum cleaning power. Say goodbye to messy and ineffective cleaning methods - the Strucket is here to make your life as a parent a little bit easier.

It’s perfect for doing a periodic deep nappy soak because you can soak your nappies without ever having to put your hands in dirty water and you pull the external drain and 

Its durable design can withstand any water temperature and is chemical resistant, making it safe to use with bleach or detergent. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to a more efficient and hygienic way of cleaning and soaking your child’s nappies.

The Strucket is not only practical but also emotionally satisfying, as it takes away the stress and discomfort associated with nappies. Upgrade your parenting game with the Strucket nappy bucket today!

  • The Strucket nappy bucket combines the functionality of a strainer and a bucket plus it has an interlocking connection and external drain – no more touching dirty water.
  • The Strucket is durable and chemical-resistant, making it safe to use with bleach or detergent, and it ensures that nappies get stored and cleaned with its ability to withstand any temperature.

Strucket vs Nappy-Pail

Feature Strucket Bucket Nappy-Pail Dry Pailing Process

Safe to use – designed to fit high in your laundry sink. An option of a lid available.

Extra benefits of a Dry pail and or a Nappy Bucket.

Features a lid Extremely safe, with no water involved.
Ease of use Simple and easy to use, with a connection strainer and plug to separate and drain hands free for best hygiene. Simpler, with no additional components. Just put the dirty nappies in. Easy to use, only requires a bucket and a wet bag.
Versatility Highly versatile. Can be used for washing clothes, cleaning chores, bleaching, camping, car washing etc. Limited to storing dirty nappies – no innovation. Limited to storing dirty nappies.
Suitability for delicate fabrics Suitable, thanks to it’s innovative strainer allowing gentle handwashing. Suitable, but laborious. Only used for nappies
Maintenance Requires regular cleaning after each use, can be put in dishwasher. Requires regular cleaning, but typically easier to clean due to absence of soaking water? The wet bag used in the process needs to be washed along with the nappies.
Odour Control Effective if regularly drained and cleaned – excellent air flow. Enclosed with lid odour high, less smell than a lidded bucket The best option for odour control due to maximum airflow.
Preservation of nappies' condition Excellent, as it offers best practice dry pailing with the interlocking connection preventing bacteria and mould. Poor if soaking for long period of time. Excellent, prevents bacteria build-up and mould growth.
Capacity Can hold up to 16 kilos of weight in the connected strainer Depends on the size of the bucket used. Depends on the size of the bucket or wet bag used.
Price $59.95, Australian Made, Industrial Designed, Award Winning innovation. Typically cheaper as it's a simple plastic bucket. Cost of a bucket and a wet bag

In a modern day world where finding sustainable and efficient storage solutions is essential, the Strucket bucket emerges as a handy and convenient tool, especially for those using cloth nappies. While cloth nappies have their benefits, they do come with the challenge of storage and managing dirty ones until laundry day.

That's where the Strucket bucket steps in. Designed with careful consideration of size, it's large enough to hold a day's worth of soiled cloth nappies. The clever design also ensures to keep moisture and smell contained, making the process of handling used nappies much easier.

Unlike traditional storage methods, the Strucket bucket is safe to be placed around the home without worrying about unpleasant odours or safety concerns. Designed to fit in your laundry sink plus being able to separate and drain hands free, with the clever innovation, Strucket is ideal for busy families.  Also wonderful for sensitive skin users and anyone who has had an operation or weak back.

You’ll find that the Strucket bucket is more than just a storage device for cloth nappies. Its uses extend to various other household tasks, making it a valuable asset in any home. Whether you're soaking clothes or need a handy container to carry things around, the Strucket bucket is the one to turn to.


Yes, the Strucket can be used for any soaking purposes; the clever innovation can handle anything from clothes to dishes, plus the great outdoors for camping for car washing. Plus, its unique design ensures you never have to touch dirty water again.

Yes, the Strucket is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Its chemical-resistant material allows for effortless cleaning with any soaking solution, and its plug system makes draining and rinsing a breeze.

You’ll be pleased to know the Strucket can hold up to 19 litres of water. It’s innovation makes it very easy to recycle the used water.

You’ll be pleased to know the Strucket can hold up to 19 litres of water. It’s innovation makes it very easy to recycle the used water.

Yes, the Strucket Nappy Bucket comes with a bucket, strainer and external plug system. You can purchase an option lids also.  



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