Car Washing Bucket

Are you tired of getting your hands dirty while washing your car? Have you been looking for a solution that combines convenience and functionality?

Look no further than the Strucket 19L Car Washing Bucket.

 This household item is designed to make car washing a breeze with its unique combination of a strainer, bucket, interlocking connection and external plug system. Not only can the Strucket withstand any water temperature and resist chemicals, but it also allows you to remove items from the water and drain without ever touching them.

The key functionality of the interlocking connection lies in its ability to separate items and then drain the bucket easily by releasing a plug at the bottom. This means that you can say goodbye to dirty water and hello to clean cars with ease. With the Strucket Car Washing Bucket in your arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about putting your hands in dirty water again.

Key Takeaways

  • The Strucket Car Washing Bucket is a convenient and functional solution that combines a strainer, bucket, interlocking connection and external plug system.
  • It withstands any water temperature and resists chemicals while also allowing users to remove items from the water without touching them.
  • The key functionality of the bucket is easy draining by releasing the plug at the bottom, which allows debris to fall to the bottom and keeps wash tools clean and effective.
  • The Strucket Car Washing Bucket separates dirt and grit from sponge/wash mitt, with it’s concave strainer, keeping the car
    cleaner for longer and eliminating the need to put hands in dirty water. It is a durable and long-lasting household item that is perfect for anyone tired of washing their car with a grimy old bucket

Strucket Car Washing Bucket

If you’re tired of washing your car with a grimy old bucket, the Strucket is the perfect solution for you. Its unique design allows you to easily separate dirt and grit from your sponge or wash mitt, so your car stays cleaner for longer. Plus, it’s made to withstand any water temperature and is chemical resistant, meaning you can use it with any cleaning solution.

 The Strucket’s concave base ensures all debris falls to the bottom of the bucket, keeping your wash tools clean and effective. And when you’re done washing, simply release the plug at the bottom to drain excess water without getting dirty hands or splashing water everywhere.

The Strucket is an essential tool for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to keep their car looking its best!

StrucketCar Wash Bucket vs Normal Bucket

Features Strucket Bucket Normal Car Wash Bucket
Capacity 19L varies
Material High-quality, durable polypropylene varies
Built-in Strainer Yes No
Built-in Tap for Drainage Yes No
Lid This is optional and an add on Usually No
Ergonomic Design Industrial designed and award winning varies
Uses Multifunctional (Laundry, Car Wash, etc.) Mainly Car Washing
Soaking Function Yes No
Agitator Function Yes No
Ease of Disposal Drain via tap, no need to lift or touch contents Must lift and empty
Safety Lid is an optional not included Open design could lead to spills
Sustainability 100% recyclable varies
Lifespan Australian made varies


Yes, the Strucket can hold enough water to wash a large vehicle. With a capacity of 20 litres and the ability to hold up to 16 kilos, you can easily fill it with soapy water and use the strainer to remove dirt and debris.

Yes, the Strucket is easy to store when not in use. It is stackable and can be easily stored in a small space. Plus, it’s lightweight and has a handle for easy carrying.

Yes, the Strucket can be used with any type of car washing soap. Its chemical resistance allows for use with various soaking solutions, making it a versatile tool for all your cleaning needs.

It takes approximately 1-2 minutes to drain the Strucket using its external plug system. This process is simple and easy to do, allowing you to quickly move on with your day and enjoy your clean items.

Yes, the Strucket can be used for various household tasks like cleaning floors, soaking laundry, and even gardening. It is chemical-resistant material and easy-to-use interlocking connection and plug system make it a versatile tool for any soaking needs.

My Strucket making life with a newborn easy and also saving me from the pain of having to hand wash my favourite delicate clothes! hands free and mess free. No laundry should be without one!!!

Tegan Foden