Welcome to Parenthood!

Welcome to Parenthood!

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You now have your gorgeous bundle of love. The gooing and the gurgles, the sweet little expressions and that oh so sweet baby smell. Life is just a bubble of happiness.

But your new little baby has brought with it a considerable amount of body fluids which seem to be going everywhere!

From the poonami that permeates through the newborn’s onesie, the urine-soaked nappy that’s leaked through to the cot sheet, to the baby vomit over you and bub, this is the norm – and often all before 10am – and sometimes even before morning coffee. What parents have to deal with…day in, day out.  All this mess ends up being thrown into the laundry sink or bucket in a frantic motion to get back to your bundle of joy.

But no one is cleaning up that pile of soaking mess!

Snow White is nowhere to be seen!

When you happen to go back into the laundry to dump another stained baby garment you realise the other items are still there!

Argh….what can you do to make all this laundry soaking easier?

Move over regular buckets for soaking.

Do not fear the STRUCKET is here – the revolutionary integrated strainer and bucket.

Soak, sanitise, separate and drain with the hands-free no grime, no fuss, Strucket.

Strainer meet bucket. Bucket meet strainer.

You use the Strucket just like a bucket and leave the mess to soak.

When you return to your bucket of mess, you simply pull up the strainer from the bucket, click in to place, separating the soaked items and leaving the filthy water behind.

We’ve inbuilt a plug system on the base of the Strucket. You release the plug and your dirty water simply goes down the drain.

Your hands never, ever touch dirty water.

Now at this point you can return to your baby and leave your items to become drip free.  When you happen to return to the laundry, don’t be surprised it could be the next day, your items are now drip free and ready to pop into the washing machine.  You’ll soon realise your new best friend the Strucket is keeping your laundry going and you are rocking it as a new parent!  You’ve got this!

Our Australian-made product is 100% recyclable, BPA free and available in different colours so dad doesn’t use mum’s nappy bucket for his fishing trips.


Functional. Practical. Effective. Versatile.  Sustainable – saving time and water.

And above all, Simple