The High Cost Of Convenience

The High Cost Of Convenience

Each year over 800 million disposable nappies end up in landfill. I’ll give you a second to think about that, 800 million. They do not break down, they do not disappear into the great nappy heaven in the sky, they sit, and sit and sit.

500 years later, they’ll still be sitting there, festering.

In addition, disposable nappies continue to increase in price, making the cost to parents almost prohibitive. Disposable nappies can also contain up to 100 viruses, lasting up to two weeks after removal.

If you consider that it takes approximately 6000 disposable nappies to enable one child to move from birth to being toilet-trained, regardless of the math’s involved, it’s easy to understand the cost to your wallet and the Earth.

It’s a veritable poo-poo platter of disaster.

In fact, as a parent there’s so many items created for parenting convenience, but they literally cost the Earth.

Consider baby wipes, babies can go through up to 7200 a year, according to some sources. Wipes are neither cheap or biodegradable and a total disaster in terms of their ability to break down. Not only that but when flushed down the toilet they can cause issues with the sewer system, block toilets and even make their way into rivers and oceans.

In fact, more than 5000 wipes were found in the Thames River in London, washed up in an area half the size of a tennis court.

Does your little one like toys? Many children have an average of 70 new toys each year. This doesn’t include all the little plastic toys handed out by businesses and fast food stores. Many of these playthings are made from plastic and non-recyclable materials and eventually break and end up in landfill.

Scientists in Antarctica have even found plastic food toys, made popular by a supermarket chain in 2018 in the bodies of penguins down south.

It makes one stop and think, as well it should. What small variations can an individual make to create long-term positive change for future generations?

It is facts like these combined with a green conscious that was a driving factor in the development of the Strucket. It was our goal to provide parents with a solution that makes going-cloth simpler, that saves time and money in the long term and that would make a positive impact on our Earth.

We get that parenting is a tough gig and we hope that armed with a Strucket it is a little less messy and a little less costly.

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