7 must-take camping comforts (because no-one wants to “wipe” with leaves)

7 must-take camping comforts (because no-one wants to “wipe” with leaves)

Camping is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. Whether you do it with friends, as the annual family getaway or as a solo fishing expedition it is the perfect antidote to our sometimes busy stressful lives.

Being surrounded by nature, immersed in the expansive abundance of our natural landscapes is a wonderful, enriching experience. It is medicine for the soul and mind. However, just because you are getting back to basics doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still enjoy some of your creature comforts.

Here are our top 7 comforts to pack on your next trip:

One: Toilet paper

It might not be exciting, nor is it fun, but when you don’t have it you will wish you did. Depending on where you are camping you will need to check if there are any type of toilet facilities or if you are going al ’a bush… Regardless having a biodegradable roll of loo roll will keep you feeling fresh, clean and ready for anything. It has many other uses too… like cleaning up spills, wiping dirty faces and blowing noses of course!

Two: Your pillow

We know that heading out in the tent is an adventure, but there is no need to rough it completely… if you want to get some good shut eye and not just romantically describe your night’s sleep then pack your pillow. Trust us, it is one item that can drastically change your whole campaign experience.

Three: Coffee

Do we really need to justify this one? Coffee is liquid gold and when you are sleeping outdoors it only increases in value. You need coffee. Or tea if that’s your jam.

Four: A solar shower

Ok, this may sound a bit over the top especially if you are beach camping, however, we promise that if you have been bush-side for a few days you will be thankful you have one. Adding a solar shower to your setup will keep you feeling fresh and less like killing someone (showers make us all feel more human). Just watch out for any bystanders when you are indulging in a quick clean.

Five: Wine

This needs no explanation. We also include on this beer for the boys.

Six: Chairs

This might seem naïve but sometimes it is the most basic things that make a huge difference. A camping chair is basically numero uno in packing and we can promise you that if you forget it you will be in pain – literally. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be $50 or $250 – the key is to find one that suits your needs and then make sure it is the first thing in the car!

Seven: A Strucket

Of course, we are on the list! Taking your Strucket camping will provide multitudes of value. You can rinse your togs, wash your plates, bathe the baby and even use it for fishing – the Strucket is one must-have camping comfort that is useful in multiple ways.